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Vidya Nair
Social Media Strategist, Creative Head & Co-Founder

 I am the Creative Head of Accel369. With a wealth of experience spanning over 14 years in the corporate sector, I have had the privilege of wearing multiple hats, excelling in diverse fields such as Social Media, Sales, Pre-Sales, and Business Development.

I have done my Strategic Management from Indian Institute of Management, Calicut and post graduation in German Language from Delhi University.

Beyond the professional realm, I am a firm believer in nurturing one's passions and indulging in the joys of life. My natural curiosity and boundless creativity finds outlets in various forms. Writing has always been a cherished companion, allowing me to express my thoughts and ideas with a touch of flair. Cooking, too, holds a special place in my heart, as it brings together my love for experimentation and the joy of savoring flavorsome delights.

Being a movie buff, I appreciate the power of storytelling and the emotions it evokes. Additionally, I find solace and inspiration in the pages of random fiction, losing myself in the imaginations of talented authors.

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Vignesh Levan

Business Head & 

A mechanical engineer by degree, an entrepreneur by choice, an investor by passion, and an author-speaker-podcaster in the making. A multitasker, who believes in constant knowledge acquisition to help the world become a better place.

From the days of engineering, to the corporate job responsibilities and then to the exhilarating world of entrepreneurship, the experiences have spread across more than two decades and the path has been one of audacious exploration combined with a mixture of fun and sometimes uncalculated risk-taking. I have always been a keen student of finance and capital markets for the past couple of decades and strongly believe in the power of long term investing and compounding. Now, on the precipice of the next chapter, I  plan to dive into the world of some  captivating writing, dynamic speaking engagements, and thought-provoking podcast episodes. Hoping to do all of this in a completely engaging and fun manner.

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